Allergies and Infections

During pregnancy, it is very common to get coughs, colds and infections. It is always necessary to discuss the best treatment with a qualified practitioner to ensure that the treatment will be both safe for you and your baby, and effective. However some safe and effective options which you can find in our store are:

 Allergies come under the spotlight for two major reasons during pregnancy; 

  • The first is that often pregnant women suffer more allergies, or have allergy flare-ups, especially sinus problems,

  • The second is that often allergies are passed on from mother to baby, and minimising this is obviously desirable.

 Allergic reactivity also puts extra strain on the body and uses up vital nutrients and energy reserves, which are better used keeping mother and baby healthy. Fathers too would be wise to get on top of their allergies, and if this can be done during preconception care all the better.

Dealing with allergies during pregnancy 

Whether these are true allergies (hives, hayfever, etc), or intolerances (food sensitivities, eczema, etc), getting to the bottom of them is essential. Discussing treatment options with one of our naturopaths will enable you to deal effectively with your allergies and minimise the chances of passing allergies on to your children.

There is little that can be offered by conventional medicine to treat these due to lack of safety of many medicines during pregnancy. Thankfully, there are many natural remedies that can be utilised to treat all manner of illness, that are both safe and effective during pregnancy.

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