Anxiety and Stress in Pregnancy

Many women who suffer from stress and anxiety become pregnant, and many women who have never suffered from anxiety or stress can have these experiences once they become pregnant.


It is entirely natural to have worries and concerns about your pregnancy, however, when these become uncontrollable or start to impact upon your behaviour significantly, its time to address them.


The beauty of natural medicine is that it has the ability to support people with very differing experiences of anxiety and stress, and remedies can be tailor-made for each person’s specific fears or symptoms.


Bach flowers are an incredible emotional support during every stage of pregnancy;


  • Elm for feelings of being completely overwhelmed,

  • Mimulus for fear of the birth,

  • Aspen for generalized anxiety about motherhood.

  • There are so many more. Contact one of our practitioners to discuss a personalised prescription.


We also often use herbal remedies in the form of tablets or tonics to provide physiological nervous system and adrenal support; Withania (Ashwagandha) is a favourite for reducing the effects of stress on the body, calming the nerves and improving energy and sleep quality.


There are many other herbs and a tonic can be made up to suit your specific needs.


Remember that a QBaby Naturopath is trained to know what is safe for you during pregnancy.

Contact or email us and we can formulate something specifically for you.