Breastfeeding - too much milk

If you are blessed (you may argue with that word, but too much is better than too little!) with an overabundance of breast-milk, there are a few tips to get you through. Usually this reduces to ‘normal’ after the first month of feeding. 

  • Feed from the least full breast first, so that baby is not blasted by the force of your milk flow.

  • Milk can be gathered from the other breast while you are doing this, but do not stimulate the nipple or milk supply will be increased!

  • Milk gathered can be kept in a sterile bottle in the fridge or freezer for later use.

  • Only express enough milk to relieve your engorgement, otherwise you will just stimulate more production.

  • A very small amount of Sage tea may be drunk if all else fails. We advise extreme caution however, as Sage tea is the very best thing to dry up breast milk. We have used it cautiously to reduce breast milk during breastfeeding, but more often use it during weaning. Talk to us before you try this! Contact us for advice.