Caesarean Section

A Ceasarean or C-section is major abdominal surgery, and takes a whole lot more healing than a vaginal birth.


You will have had either an epidural or an anesthetic, and so there is the matter of helping support the clearance of these from your body, as well as supporting the wound healing with both internal and topical remedies.


Wound Healing 

  • Zinc

  • Vitamin C

  • Topically, a lotion (strong herbal tea) made from hypericum, yarrow and calendula is a wonderful healer. This can also be applied as a compress

  • Once stitches are removed, Vitamin E, rosehip, hypericum and calendula oils are all excellent to speed healing. 


Post-Anaesthetic Treatments 

  • Liver support is essential; Milk Thistle, Globe Artichoke, Dandelion Root are all good options.

  • Ginger will help with nausea, this can be added to your liver support tonic or drunk as a tea.

  • Nux Vomica Hommacord is also used as liver support; 10 drops three times daily.

  • Probiotics …and don’t forget the baby!


Although naturopaths have been saying it for years, new research is finally also catching up to the conclusion that babies born by caesarian have a higher chances of allergies such as asthma, and the major reason for this is that babies not born vaginally don’t have their gastrointestinal system colonized by the beneficial bacterias from the vaginal canal.


For this reason it is essential that babies born by C-section are given an appropriate dose and form of probiotics, such as Metagenics Flora Care for Kids.

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