Ear Infections in Babies

Ear Infections or Otitis Media is one of the most common childhood infections and is the leading cause of visits to the family doctor. It is also the most common reason for prescribing antibiotics in children.


There are two main types of ear infections in children, outer ear and middle ear infections.


Causes of ear infections in children 

Causes include exposure to a large number of children (for example at daycare), history of ear infections in the family, exposure to cigarette smoke, laying down while drinking a bottle, and water trapped in the ear canal from swimming or bathing.

Ear infections are less common in breastfed children and some research shows it is more common in vaccinated children. Food Allergies and Intolerances can also cause a build-up of mucus in the ear canal. There can also be structural reasons in the Eustachian tube that causes a child to be more prone to ear infections.


How can I tell if my child has an ear infection?

Symptoms can include ear pain, irritability, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, tugging or holding the ear. Fever may also be present and occasionally discharge from the ear. Ear infections can often occur after an incidence of an upper respiratory tract infection, which can cause inflammation and fluid to build up behind the ear drum, this can become infected and cause infection to the ear.


Treatment of ear infections

Conventional medicine treated ear infections with antibiotics, although this is becoming less common and ear infections are becoming more difficult to treat, as the bacteria causing the infections have become resistant to the antibiotics.


Many children end up having multiple courses of antibiotics and often grommets are placed in the ear tubes.


Treatment of ear infections

  • Use Royal Mullein Drops dropped into the ear canal to soothe infection.
  • Qbaby Immune Drops for immunity, clear excess mucous/catarrh, sinus inflammation and drainage of fluid from ears/lymph.
  • Probiotics to support immunity.