Early Signs of Pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy are not the same for every woman and symptoms can differ from a first to a second pregnancy, and symptoms can vary in their intensity, frequency and duration. This list of early signs of pregnancy are only a guideline, if you suspect you are pregnant home pregnancy tests are available from your local pharmacy but you should always follow it up with a blood test from your doctor.


Early signs of pregnancy

  1. Missed Period – this is perhaps the most obvious sign however some women will experience a very light period still.

  2. Just ‘Feeling’ Pregnant – Woman are very intuitive. The feeling of just being pregnant can happen within a short time after conception.

  3. Breast Tenderness – This is one of the more obvious signs of early pregnancy. Breasts become tender, swollen and sore. Your nipples may feel extra tender and can darken in colour.

  4. Fatigue – Everyday activities may suddenly become far too much effort. Tiredness and exhaustion are very normal in the early stages of pregnancy (if not throughout and after!)

  5. Frequent Urination – Frequent trips to the bathroom are caused by the swelling uterus and pressure on the bladder. This symptom may continue throughout your pregnancy.

  6. Nausea - Nausea, queasiness and/or vomiting can be experienced as early as the first week of pregnancy. It can be very debilitating for some women while other women do not experience it at all. Generally Morning/Anytime Sickness decreases during the second trimester.

  7. Dizziness or Fainting – Lightheadedness or dizziness or even fainting can occur from exertion or from something as simple as picking an object off the floor or standing up quickly from sitting. This is caused as the uterus swell and compresses against the arteries in your legs; this can drop your blood pressure and make you feel dizzy. It is also important to keep your blood sugar levels up by eating frequently.

  8. Cravings or Aversions to Food – Some women find they crave certain foods or no longer have a taste for foods they previously loved. Be sure to take a pregnancy multi vitamin.

  9. Sensitivity to Aromas – You might find you become increasingly more sensitive to smells and aromas. Its not unusual for normally pleasant smells to make you feel unwell or nauseated.

  10. Morning/Anytime sickness – Morning sickness can be variable. For some it is very debilitating and for others it may just occur a few times. It is really important to eat small bits of food and keep your blood sugar levels up to help reduce nausea. Keeping hydration up is also important.

  11. Heartburn/Constipation – An uncomfortable symptom of pregnancy. The pressure on the bowel due to the growing uterus can be noticed by some women within the first few weeks of conception.

  12. Mood swings/Irritability – Due to hormone changes it is perfectly normal to experience mood swings. Your body is going through huge changes and emotionally you have adjustments to make regarding your impending responsibilities. Be sure to rest and talk things through with your partner or support person.

  13. Higher Body Temperature – body temperature readings that are higher than your normal temp which are consistent over 2 weeks are a good sign that you are pregnant. You may simply have been feeling hotter than normal.

  14. Lower Back Pain – This is caused by a number of factors including weight gain, pressure on your back as your uterus grows. The lumbar area of your back can be thrown out of alignment which can effect your posture. Also during pregnancy your joints and ligaments become looser to make delivery of the baby possible.

  15. Implantation Bleeding – Occasionally women experience an implantation bleed between 3-6 days after fertilisation. You may notice a small red or pink spot of blood as the egg becomes implanted in the uterus.

  16. Bloating/Weight Gain – Your clothes become tighter and the scales start to go up! This is all part of pregnancy and your figure will change and grow! Be proud of the way you look. It is important to eat well so not to gain more than your body needs, and to get the right nutrition - check our Pregnancy Diet Tips.

  17. A Positive Pregnancy Test – To put your mind at rest, a test will generally give you proof of whether you are pregnant or not. It is important to read instructions and test at least a day or two after you have missed your period. Some woman get positive tests earlier than that. You can get FALSE NEGATIVES, so be sure to try again a few days later, or go to your doctor to get a blood test.


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