Emotional Upsets

Children will have many emotionally upsetting experiences during childhood, which may include a range of emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, frustration. They are simply learning how to deal with new situations and ‘stresses’ brought on by new experiences.


As young children are often unable to verbalise their feelings this can lead to frustration and angry outbursts, or some children may become withdrawn and quiet, or wet the bed. Other children may have physical symptoms of stress such as a sore tummy or eczema. Others may become clingy or have trouble sleeping.


It is really important to try get to the root of the problem. If you are unsure how deal with this we can help. We also recommend using Bach Flower remedies which are safe and very gentle to use with people of all ages. Bach Flower remedies work on the emotional level, allowing you to work through emotional issues gently and subtly.


Growing up involves so much learning and children have to go through so many changes, well into adolescence and young adulthood. Our children need strong emotional support and guidance throughout life. The best way to accomplish this as a parent is to try to always be aware of the child’s needs and desires and help them to work through any challenges that face them. At times it is difficult to know how to do this as a parent and we are happy to help guide you through this area.


Treatments for emotional upsets in children 

  • Bach Flower Remedy - to target the specific issue 


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