Ending Daylight Savings

There is nothing more frustrating as a parent than when you finally managed to get your child into a great sleeping routine, waking at a respectable 7am to suddenly find that due to daylight savings your child's wake time suddenly becomes 6am! This certainly grows thin very quickly!


A colleague of mine Katie Kilgore who runs Lil' Angels Consultancy Services (Practical parenting advice for babies and children 0-5) gave me some great advice. When we used this technique on Eli our transition into daylight savings was a breeze. Katie has kindly given me permission to share this with you.


When daylight savings finishes, it pays to gradually accustom your baby into the new times over the few days before the change. As with anything, babies respond best to gradual changes, and you may find it takes up to a week before they settle right into the new times for feeding and sleeping.


  • Begin on the Thursday before daylight savings finishes, so that you can gradually move their feeds and sleeps by 15 mins a day rather than the whole hour at once.

  • On the Thursday morning try to delay the first morning milk by 15 mins from when they would usually have it, and carry on with leaving everything 15 mins later (feeds and sleeps) for the whole day (Thursday).

  • On Friday you would move everything by half an hour so the morning milk feed would be 7.30am

  • Saturday you would try to move everything by 45 mins, so if your baby usually has his milk at 7am, you would try and give it as close to 7.45am as possible.

  • This way by Sunday morning, your baby will already be almost at the new times, and they only have another 15 mins to adjust by, instead of a whole hour.

  • For some babies, even the 15 minutes extra stretch can prove difficult, for these babies, the whole process may just take a few days longer and you could adjust their routine by 10 mins a day instead.


 Daily Routine & Bedtime

  •  Wednesday - Usual sleep & feed times - Bedtime 7.00pm
  • Thursday - Sleep & feed times 15 mins later, e.g first feed at 7.15am not 7am. Bedtime 7.15pm

  • Friday - Sleep & feed times 30 mins later, e.g first feed at 7.30am not 7am. Bedtime 7.30pm

  • Saturday - Sleep & feed times 45 mins later, e.g first feed at 7.45am not 7am. Bedtime 7.45pm

  • Sunday - Wake your child at 7am (new time), then back to your usual routine for sleeps & feeds. Bedtime 7.00pm (new time).