Healing Episiotomies

  • Lotions, compresses or sitz baths made from infusions of yarrow, comfrey, calendula and hypericumare excellent for bathing the affected area immediately following the birth. The easiest way to do this is to stretch a plastic shopping bag over the toilet and then put the seat down. The infusion can then be poured in once cool, and you can sit ‘in’ it. Lavender essential oil may also be added.

  • Distilled Witch Hazel may also be used to wash the area, and helps with tissue tone and wound healing.

  • Once the wound is no longer open (scabbed, dry), creams and oils may be applied, but not before. Oils that are specific are hypericum, calendula, rosehip and Vitamin E. Hypericum helps to heal nerve damage and reduce pain.

  • Traumeel drops internally; start at 30 drops three times a day for three days, then reduce to 10 drops three times daily. This helps to reduce swelling, pain, and speed healing.

  • If you have lost a lot of blood, be sure to compensate with additional iron and blood building herbs. Fe-Max tonic is perfect for this, as it contains not only iron itself, but also Withania, which helps to build hemoglobin and reduce fatigue. Herbs are only available by talking to one of our Naturopaths.