How to ease pregnancy symptoms naturally

Naturopathically there are so many ways to support women during pregnancy. This precious, miraculous and taxing time of physical and emotional growth calls for maximum support and nurturing, and natural remedies have been a pregnant woman’s allies for time immemorial. Many women instinctively want to seek natural ways to support their health and wellbeing during pregnancy, while others need to look to alternatives to their usual medications which may no longer be safe at this time. Whatever the reason, the natural medicine cabinet abounds.

As naturopaths we make the following recommendations to support pregnant women, alongside good nutrition:

Reach for herbal support
Herbal supplements can support your body in many ways, eg:
■  Support immunity and address any acute infections that arise, such as coughs and colds, thrush or urinary tract infections.
■  Assist with energy and stamina, especially during the later stages of pregnancy when fatigue can kick in.
■  Reduce the effects of stress and calm anxieties, which has benefit for both mama and baby.   

Harness some flower power
■  For any specific fears, worries or tensions, Bach Flower remedies (homeopathic remedies that work to support emotional imbalances) can offer targeted emotional support. If you are worried about a particular outcome, then Mimulus is your friend. If you have thoughts rushing around rampantly in your head, then White Chestnut will be of use. And if you just feel a strange disconnect and apathy, then Wild Rose may come to your assistance. There are over 40 Bach Flowers to choose from, and these can provide subtle, but deep, relief.

Sleep well
Aim to get adequate sleep, as much as you can, for there is plenty of broken sleep to come!
■  Adequate nutrient levels will help with this, especially magnesium, calcium, and iron.
■  Herbal relaxants and sedatives can be used to calm active minds and tense muscles, and herbal adrenal supports can help reduce elevated stress hormone levels that prevent good sleep. 

If in doubt, ask! Naturopaths can assist you with many of the common ailments of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, nausea, haemorrhoids, headaches, fatigue, sleep, perineal care, constipation, birth preparation and more.

Other treatments, such as massage, acupuncture and float tank sessions, may also be of use to support you during your pregnancy. Remember that the better you feel – the more calm, clear and balanced – the better baby will be feeling and the better the foundation you are laying for the life of this person about to enter the world. This is just the beginning! Laying strong foundations now makes for a robust and healthy family in all the years to come. 

Asti Renaut and Natasha Berman are naturopaths based respectively in Christchurch and Auckland.  Contact us for a consultation.  You can read the rest of this article here on OhBaby!