Iron deficiency after birth

Often women keep a close eye on their iron levels during pregnancy, and then forget all about it after the baby is born, as the focus inevitably switches to the new baby.


It is just as important to maintain good iron levels during breastfeeding as it is during pregnancy; not only for breast-milk (to ensure your baby is getting enough iron) but also to maintain good energy levels and good immunity for you. It is especially important if you have lost a lot of blood during the birth.


The very best products we recommend for replenishing iron stores after birth are:


  • Qbaby FeMax which contains good levels of iron, as well as other blood-building nutrients and herbs such as Withania, which are perfect for nourishing your adrenals, nervous system, and blood supply.

  • Clinicians Ferrocarb Plus is another goodie, with good quantities of iron and B12 in a capsule form.