Lower back and leg pain

Body aches especially lower back ache is common in pregnancy. The increasing size of your baby changes your posture and centre of gravity, and your ligaments and joints relax. This is all due to the increase of hormones. 


Exercise, especially yoga and stretching are very helpful in relieving muscle spasm, however nutrition also has an essential role to play.


  • Always keep your lower back supported. Don’t cross your legs when sitting and try not to stand for long periods.

  • Take adequate Calcium and Magnesium (MuscleEase is our favourite) and increase your protein consumption.

  • Get plenty of exercise, yoga or an aqua-natal class.

  • Pregnancy Massage from a professional therapist to help relieve muscle tension.

  • You may need an osteopathic treatment for realignment

  • Warm baths with Epson Salts and Lavender Essential Oil is great to relieve muscle tension.

  • Wear flat shoes and take great care lifting anything of reasonable weight.


Leg Cramps are mostly felt in the third trimester mainly due to the decreased calcium and magnesium levels. As your babies bones grow during the second trimester your calcium and magnesium levels take a beating. Sodium (salt) can be an issue for some women also. Pressure from the enlarged uterus on the nerves supporting the legs and slower circulation may also be partly to blame.


  • Take adequate Calcium and Magnesium Supplementation (MuscleEase) and eat lots of dark green vegetables, grains and seeds.

  • Take B-Complex vitamins, potassium and vitamin E for good circulation.

  • Follow a regular and appropriate exercise routine, flex your calf muscles daily.

  • Reduce phosphorus in your diet (less meat, dairy and no soft drinks) as this seeps calcium and magnesium from the bone and tissue.

  • Contact us  for a personalized prescription.