Natural Fertility Management

Natural Fertility Management is the safest and most empowering method of overcoming fertility problems and problems concieving a baby.


Pre-conception fertility care 

  • Treatment of unexplained infertility

  • Prevention of miscarriage

  • Boosting reproductive health

  • Overcoming both male and female fertility problems

  • Endometriosis, PCOS and absence of ovulation


Natural fertility management optimises the potential for health at all stages of the process: successful conception, healthy pregnancy, a healthy birth, and post-natal health of both mother and baby.


We provide clients with Naturopathic treatment for fertility problems, IVF support and helps to establish healthy pregnancies in healthy women.


We are available for a personal consultation or over the phone by appointment.


Foresight / Surrey University research 1992

Foresight - the British Association for the Promotion of Preconception Care was established in the UK in 1978. Their clinics have almost twenty years of practical experience with published clinical study results.


Published in the Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, 1995: Foresight with Surrey University, UK conducted a 2 year study with 367 couples which was completed in 1992.


The women participating in the study ranged in age from 22-45 years, the men from 25-59 years. 59% of the couples had prior adverse reproductive history, including 38% miscarriage and 37% infertility (1-10 years). The remaining 41% of the couples had no previous adverse reproductive history but among these were older couples.


Upon completion of the study, 89% of all the couples had successful births of healthy babies, including 81% of those who were previously infertile. In comparison to any similar sized population sample who do not practice preconception health care, approximately 70 miscarriages and 6 malformations usually occur.


Study involved:

  • 367 couples

  • lasted 2 years

  • Age of Females: 22-45 yrs

  • Age of Males: 25-59 yrs


Presenting with previous history of: / Percentage in sample:

Infertility / 37%

Miscarriage / 38%

Therapeutic Abortion/ 11%

Still Birth / 3%

"Small for dates" or Low birth weight babies / 15%

Malformations / 2%



  • No miscarriages, perinatal deaths, malformations

  • No baby admitted to Intensive Care *

  • Normal expectation based on population sample: 70 Miscarriages, 6 Malformations


Outcome: / Percentage in sample:

  • Live Births / 89%

  • Live births to those previously infertile / 81%

  • Average gestational age / 38.5 weeks

  • Average weight of males / 7lb 4.5oz (3299gm)

  • Average weight of females / 7lb 2oz (3238gm)

  • Lightest baby / 5lb 3oz (2368gm)*


Natural Fertility in New Zealand uses the same protocols but extends these to include specialised herbal treatments for reproductive and hormonal difficulties.


Foresight study 2003

Foresight completed a further, larger study with 1,061 couples.

Results show similar excellent outcomes, with a conception rate of 78.4% of a healthy baby within two years of following the program.

This study also suggests a more than doubled conception success rate for IVF of 47.1% following preconception health care.