Some woman find if very frustrating as their ‘due date’ comes around and there is no sign of any appearance from your baby.


We do urge you to try think of this as your due week as only 5% of babies arrive on their estimated due date.


There is no denying that your baby will be born when he or she is ready, but there are certainly some natural remedies you can try to encourage it along. So many women swear by these remedies but of course like anything there is no guarantee that they will work but it will certainly keep you occupied while you wait and see!


Keep your midwife informed when trying labour inducting techniques and consult with one of our Qualified Naturopaths if you have any questions.


  • Birth Mix – It is ideal to start taking this at about 36 weeks but we have many women starting it at 40 weeks to induce labour. Birth Mix is a traditional homeopathic formula designed to help strengthen and prepare the uterus for ease of childbirth.

  • Evening Primrose Oil – Use both orally and vaginally in the last 1-2 weeks is helpful to bring on labour. EPO contains natural prostaglandins which are similar to semen, and will help to soften the cervix. EPO will not prematurely start labour that is not ready to start.

  • Raspberry Leaf Tea – Raspberry Leaf Tea is great in helping to prepare and strengthen the uterus for childbirth and is believed by many to help bring on labour. Drink 3 cups daily during this time.

  • Take a walk – Going for gentle walks is thought to help bring on labour. Be sure not to wear yourself out before labour starts. This movement encourages the baby into the appropriate birthing position and to engage their head. The upright position enables your baby’s head to exert pressure on your cervix, which in turn stimulates the release of oxytocin, the hormone that brings on contractions.

  • A relaxing bath with Clary Sage – It is likely that you wont go into labour until you are mentally ready and reasonably ‘relaxed’. Take a hot bath with 2 drops of clary sage essential oil, this is thought to help to reduce labour stress and stimulate uterine contractions. Take this time to breath deeply and be still. It may well be the last long bath you have in a while!

  • Stimulate your nipples – Occasional stimulation of your nipples helps to bring on contractions by ‘encouraging’ the release of oxytocin into the body. Oxytocin helps to dilate the cervix and encourage uterine contractions throughout labour. It is also involved in the release of milk during breastfeeding by mimicking the baby’s sucking action. It is best to gently massage the whole areola area of each breast with the palm of your hand, for approx 15-20 minutes several times a day, this has been known to bring on very strong contractions so be careful.

  • Eat spicy foods – The theory goes that the cervix and part of the digestive system are connected by the same neural network and by stimulating one will stimulate the other. The bowel is certainly often stimulated during early labour as the cervix begins to dilate, we are not sure whether the bowel actually can stimulate the cervix. However many woman swear by a good spicy curry to start their labour, however if you suffer from a sensitive stomach or heartburn this may not be the best remedy for you!

  • Acupuncture – This is very effective to help bring on labour as well as keep you feeling calm and relaxed and to reduce discomfort and stress.

  • Sex – Sex can help to bring on labour as the movement helps to stimulate the release of oxytocin that helps to initiate contractions. Semen also contains prostaglandins that help to soften the cervix. Do not have sex if your waters have already broken as this could cause an infection.

  • Bouncing on a swiss ball – Sitting and rocking on a swiss ball can be very comforting for your back and pelvis during this time but can also help to get labour started as it encourages baby into an optimum birthing position and encourages the head to become engaged.

  • Castor OilWe do not recommend Castor Oil as a way to bring on labour. This has been used for a long time with reports going back as far back as the Egyptians. It is understood it works by stimulation of the bowel, which stimulates the cervix and may bring on contractions. However you are very likely to feel nauseas and quite possibly have diarrhoea after taking Castor Oil internally.