Pain & bleeding after birth

After birth you may find you need to wear sanitary pads for up to 6 weeks after birth, but bleeding usually stops before two weeks after the birth. The flow should be light.

For more severe bleeding (haemorrhaging), contact your midwife or GP immediately.


  • Herbal Uterine Tonics are excellent for reducing bleeding and helping the uterus regain its tone.Shepherd’s Purse, Raspberry Leaf, Yarrow and Tienchi Ginseng are all excellent. These herbs are only available by talking to one of our Naturopaths.

  • Herbal Anti-Spasmodics are excellent for the cramping and after-pains that often occur after birth as the uterus spasms and returns to its former size. This process is further triggered by breastfeeding, and can be quite painful.

  • Herbs such as Crampbark, Motherwort, Peony, and Wild Yam are excellent, but must be prescribed by a one of our Naturopaths.

  • Continue taking Traumeel drops, which will also assist with pain.


Contact one of our Naturopaths for a personalised prescription.