Perineal care in pregnancy

During pregnancy, especially from the third trimester on, massage your perineum with wheatgerm oil to ensure tissue elasticity. This area of your body is going to stretch a LOT!


After birth, providing there are no tears or cuts (see Healing Episiotomies and Tears), apply creams to help soothe the area and reduce swelling.


  • Hypericum/St John’s Wort Oil is specific if there is pain.

  • Traumeel Cream or Gel is excellent for reducing swelling and inflammation, as well as reducing pain.

  • Store creams in the fridge so that they are cool when applied, giving added relief.

  • Use a sanitary pad soaked in either distilled witch hazel or calendula/hypericum infusions.

  • Sitz baths can be useful to reduce swelling and pain. (see Healing Episiotomies and Tears)