Supporting IVF

If you are embarking on any kind of assisted conception programme, naturopathic treatments can help to enhance the chances of a successful conception and pregnancy, but it is essential that this be done under the care of a qualified practitioner. This is not the time to be self-prescribing! It is crucial that no hormonally-active herbs or nutrients be used during an IVF treatment, but this is not to say that nutrient support is not beneficial.


The therapeutic aims of the QBaby Naturopath working with a couple embarking on an IVF programme are to provide optimal nutritional support for the extra energy it takes to grow a healthy egg, a healthy embryo and provide the right environment for implantation. Nutrients specific to DNA integrity and mitochondrial function are used, so that each crucial cell has what it needs to survive and thrive. Naturopathic treatments can also reduce stress, stress hormones, inflammation, and support appropriate immune function.


Diet and Lifestyle changes include: 

  • Avoiding Coffee,

  • Alcohol, stimulants and cigarettes

  • Improving nutrition through naturopathic diet guidelines

  • Stress management

  • Minimising environmental chemical exposure

  • And so so so much more! It takes a bit of explaining, which is why we have long consultation times.


While there are supplements that are useful during IVF, they are particular to different parts of the IVF cycle; some are useful during the initial phases of hormonal stimulation but should be stopped before the eggs are harvested. Others are appropriate to support the embryo transfer and implantation. Because of this, it is important to see a QBaby naturopath to determine which supplements and when.


Supplements that may be taken right through the process include: 

  • MH Enhance B Multi

  • Pre-natal Nutrients - Our preference is Eagle Tresos Natal

  • Bach Flower Remedies provide wonderful emotional support at this time, specifically:

    • Walnut: For protection from all the change and intensity of the experience, to keep you strong in yourself amidst the procedures.

    • Gentian: for keeping your positive about outcomes, especially if there have been setbacks.

    • Aspen: If you feel apprehensive or fearful.

    • Mimulus: For any specific worries or fears about the procedures and their outcomes.

    • White Chestnut: For keeping any unwanted thoughts out of your mind, keeping a sense of peace and stillness.

    • Impatiens: For impatience! Keeps you patient and calm.

  • MH Enhance EFA Essentials

  • MH Enhance Omega-3

  •  CoQ10, and Vitamin C, are important for cell integrity and mitochondrial support, but, as above, must be prescribed appropriately.


Additionally, we can prescribe specific herbs which are used during the embryo transfer and early pregnancy, to support healthy progesterone levels, reduce the risk of miscarriage, and increase the chances of success for the treatments.


The stresses of IVF can be great, and can work counter to the aims of the IVF treatments. Naturopathic support for mental and emotional wellbeing is entirely appropriate here. The physical stress on the body of increased hormonal loads is also great, and so supporting the body to cope with these can enhance not only maternal health and wellbeing, but also that of the embryo.


In the UK, an association called Foresight which works with pre-conception care did a study which showed a 47% increase in IVF success for couples who undertook pre-conception health care prior to the IVF treatment. Laying a strong foundation is of the utmost importance. Acupuncture has also been shown to enhance IVF success, and is highly recommended. If you are going to go through with the difficult and stressful process of IVF, it is worth supporting yourself and doing everything in your power to enhance your chances of success!


Foresight are an interesting group who have done phenomenal work in the areas of pre-conception care. They are not naturopaths and so do not use supplements or herbs, but simply offer advice on diet and lifestyle changes. The simple dietary and lifestyle changes you can make enhance your success by the 47% above.

Francesca Naish is an Australian naturopath who has taken the work of Foresight and added to it all her extensive naturopathic knowledge, to further enhance the potential of pre-conception and pregnancy health care, which she calls Natural Fertility Management.


QBaby Managing Director Natasha Berman, has been trained by Francesca Naish and is a Natural Fertility Specialist.


Contact us if you would like one of our QBaby naturopaths to assist you. All our best wishes and blessings for your successful pregnancy!