Teething Advice

When teething starts there is no telling how extended or how unpleasant it will be for your little one. For one child it may be a long, drawn-out, painful affair. For another it may seem to pass by with the baby barely noticing. Sometimes a lump or a ridge seems visible in the gum for weeks or months; sometimes there seems to be no visible clue at all until the tooth itself appears.

On average the first tooth arrives sometime during the seventh month, although this can happen as early as three months and as late as twelve.

Tooth eruption often follows hereditary patterns, so if either parent teethed early or late, your baby may do likewise. Symptoms of teething often precede the tooth itself by as much as two or three months.

These symptoms vary from child to child but may include:

  • Drooling - this starts anywhere from 10 weeks to 3-4 months

  • Chin or face rash - due to the excess drooling

  • A little cough - The excess saliva can cause baby to gag or cough

  • Biting - on anything to relieve the pressure

  • Pain - Inflammation is the protective response of the tender gum tissue to the impending tooth

  • Irritability - this can last hours, days or weeks, on and off

  • Refusal to feed due to the pain on the gums. Baby may refuse the bottle or solids. If baby has not eaten much for several days please get in touch with your medical professional.

  • Diarrhoea - often accompanies teething

  • Low-grade fever - often accompanies teething

  • Wakefulness - the discomfort that has caused the fussiness can also keep baby awake at night.

  • Gum hematoma - teething can cause some bleeding under the gums, these are nothing to worry about and will resolve on their own.

  • Ear pulling, cheek rubbing - due to pain in the gums traveling to the ears and checks along the nerve pathways.

 Help with the emergence of teeth

  • Qbaby TeethEase Gel - A natural gel designed to support the health of your baby's gums and emerging teeth. 

  • Something to chew on - a wooden peg with teething gel on, frozen pureed mango in a muslin cloth to chew on, a wet cloth to suck on.

  • Something cold to eat - Pureed apples or pears or once again frozen fruit in a muslin cloth.

  • Something to relieve the pain - Qbaby TeethEase Drops - Designed to support the health of your baby's gums and emerging teeth. 

  • Kava Tincture - a few drops of Kava either straight on the gums or on your nipple before feeding or in a bottle works wonders to numb the pain. Please talk to us if you want more information.

  • QDerma Cream for the rash associated with the emergence of teeth. 

  • Qbaby Harmony Drops - great tasting and effective. Works wonders to soothe the nervous system.