Tips for Dads

We thought it would be best for the Dads we know to give the Dads-to-be their best advice.

This advice is purely tongue and cheek and to be taken with a grain of salt. This is not serious but to provide everyone with a much needed laugh.

In no particular order: 

  • Exercise behind the buggy whenever possible. Baby likes it and you stay fit.

  • When the missus gets freaky stand your ground and get time out for yourself. Stay sane.

  • Babies don’t know anything so get them used to being with people by spending short bursts with your mates, you don’t have to miss out and can have fun at the same time.

  • Make sure your lady gets heaps of breaks; encourage her to get out of the house. Your life will be better for it.

  • Try and get out together with baby as much as possible on weekends. Bushwalking with baby in backpack, picnics etc bonding with your lady and being in the family mode. Enjoy your family rather than feeling like you're missing out on the old days.

  • Ignore baby if it cries too much and don’t let your woman over mother. Be the man, the woman needs that.

  • Minimum baby gear allowed in the house. If people buy too much stuff then pack it out of sight. Too much baby stuff, soft toys etc gets weird.

  • Celebrate your new status and responsibility.

  • Yes there will be less sleep, adjust your attitude and continue climbing the mountain. Remember you're probably getting more sleep than mum.

  • Get as much leverage out of being a new parent, late to work (no sleep), forgot appointment (nappy brain), remember these excuses won't last forever and they are not unlimited. Choose your times wisely!

  • Don't forget your mates, make some time to catch up, meet in man caves, tell stories of times gone by.

  • Single Malt Whiskey.