Tiredness during breastfeeding

Most breastfeeding mums feel fatigued; there ain’t two ways about it!


Your body has just created a whole person over nine months, you’ve just been through labour, and now you need to produce all that breast milk and care for your new baby 24/7, who wouldn’t be a bit tired?


Thankfully, there are many natural remedies that can support you and maximise your energy.


  • REST is still the most important thing, take it at every opportunity.

  • Take a good Multi with high B Vitamins.

  • Protein smoothies are great.

  • Endura to increase hydration levels.

  • Herbal Tonics including excellent herbs such as Withania, Shatavari, to support your energy, reduce the effects of stress and sleeplessness, and nourish your body which may feel depleted.

  • Bach flowers such as Olive, Elm, Walnut.

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