Tiredness in Pregnancy

Of course you will be feeling more tired during pregnancy; there is a whole lot of baby making going on, as well as your body having to make a whole new organ, the placenta. It is essential during this time to eat enough, eat well, and eat regularly. For more information on a healthy diet during pregnancy, see our blog on Pregnancy Nutrition.


Supplementing well will also improve your energy levels, see our section on Supplements During Pregnancy for more details on this. It is especially important that you get adequate quantities of B vitamins to maintain good energy.


Aside from this, many other health issues can reduce your energy, including:

  • Allergies
  • Blood Sugar Imbalances/Hypoglycaemia
  • Low Thyroid Function
  • Stress
  • Insomnia and Anxiety.


    All of these issues can be supported naturopathically, for more information see relevant blogs or contact a naturopath on 0800 7432 584 or contact us here to discuss your health needs.

    Having other small children or a heavy workload can also be extremely fatiguing! Make sure you are getting adequate support and taking every opportunity to rest and relax. You may find you need to finish work earlier than normal or have afternoon naps. Afternoon protein smoothies are a fabulous way to maintain energy. Make sure iron stores are adequate also, not just at the bottom of the reference range!