What to buy before your baby comes

We have so many mums call us wondering what they need to have on hand for the last few weeks of pregnancy, for the labour and for the first few weeks after the birth.


Here is our must have list:

  •  Qbaby Birth Mix - to strengthen and prepare the uterus for ease of childbirth.
  • Qbaby FeMax Iron Tonic - Packed full of iron and blood building herbs.

  • Traumeel Drops or Arnica 30c - Natural anti-inflammatory for temporary relief. Symptomatic relief of soft tissue trauma.

  • Qbaby LabourEase - To help ease the pain associated with labour, to calm and soothe the nervous system.

  • Qbaby Lactation Tea - to increase milk flow in lactating mothers, nourish the milk and reduce wind in the baby.

  • Baby Whispering Book - leading post-natal advisor Sharlene Poole gives parents the skills and confidence to lay the foundations for a settled and contented baby.


Don't forget we are here to help and advise you at anytime. We can deliver straight to your door. Contact one of our naturopaths for advice and support.