Childlife Vitamin D3 Natural Berry Flavor

Natural Berry Flavour

29.6ml Liquid Formula

For Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Vitamin D3 is an essential fat-soluble vitamin. It is naturally present in only a few foods, can be obtained from sun exposure, and is available as a dietary supplement. In recent years, there has been growing concern about Vitamin D deficiency, affecting young and old alike, and we are beginning to understand how vital Vitamin D is to our overall health.

Through exposure to direct sunlight, our bodies produce Vitamin D naturally. However New Zealand sun is so harsh, we can’t fully gain the benefits that way, as we cover up with the much-needed sunblock. We recommend supplementing with Vitamin D3 from birth, continuing throughout the teenage years.

Why Children Need It?

There are various reasons why Vitamin D is so important:

Immune Health. Proper levels of Vitamin D3 support the body’s natural defences and support the maintainance of a healthy functioning immune system.

Bone Health. Vitamin D supports health, formation, growth and development of bones in growing children.

Respiratory Health. Vitamin D supports the immune defences and the immune function during ills and chills.

Heart Health. Recent studies on the sunshine vitamin support Vitamin D’s role in a healthy heart, both in children as they develop and in adults.

How To Take:
From birth – 1 year: 6 drops daily
1+ years: 8 drops daily

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