Baby Skin Care and Massage

Soft as a baby’s bottom. We all know what that means….ahhhh…and babies smell so goooood...mmmmmm

So how do we maintain healthy, soft, supple skin in our precious little one?

The first step is that we must remember that the skin is not a raincoat, it is an organ. It absorbs and excretes. It “breathes” in its own way, and so what we put on the skin is just as important as what we let come out of the skin. Babies absorb much more through their skin that adults do, due to the softness (their skin is thinner), and to the fact that their skin, relative to their body size, is much larger, ie. the surface area is greater.

The skin itself is also an essential aspect of a baby’s immune system; it keeps stuff out, it is a baby’s first line of defence, and the acid mantle of the skin is essential to this defence. The acid mantle is destroyed by many harsher skin products, and must be replenished, leaving your baby vulnerable in the interim. Such products include most soaps, surfactants, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). Also avoid parabens. Avoid chemical preservatives and colourings. Avoid shampoos that say they prevent tears. Use caution with essential oils, as only the most dilute solutions are needed for babies.

 Choose products for your baby’s skin wisely

  • Use natural PLANT oils and never mineral or petrochemical oils. Even extra virgin organic olive oil is great for baby massage!

  • Natural is best; make sure that when it says 'natural' it isn’t just a marketing ploy! Many products even say ‘organic’ or ‘herbal’ but still contain chemical additives and ingredients which are not good for your baby. If in doubt, ask. The simpler the formula, the better.

  • A good massage oil which is specially developed to moisturise, nourish and protect your baby’s skin.

  • Sweet Almond Oil can be added to baths or used for massage
  • QDerma Cream - A combination of herbs and nutrients to sooth and nourish the skin.