Birth Mix


Get ready for a natural birth and help giving birth as natural as possible with our homeopathic Birth Mix. This homeopathic formula is specially designed to help and prepare your body and emotions for giving birth.

This is one of our most popular, best selling products.

From as early as 36 weeks, just a few drops of Birth Mix can help you prepare your body and emotions for giving birth.

Ingredients Homeopathic:

Gelsemium 200c - helps with the progression of labor
Pulsatilla 200c - helps to regulate labor
Cimicfuga and Caulophyllum 200c - helps to product good contractions

36-37 weeks - Take 5 drops 2 x weekly
38 weeks - Take 5 drops 3 x weekly
39+ weeks - Take 5 drops every night

Always read the label and use as directed.

If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

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