Lactation Drops 50ml


A homeobotanical combination that provides support for healthy milk flow in lactating mothers. Best use for daily support in mothers who have established milk flow. 


Fennel - Used for improving lactation and also supporting digestive comfort in nursing mothers. 

Goats Rue - A proven galactagogue herb for improving the production of breastmilk. 

Fenugreek -  Traditionally used to promote and enhance lactation.     

Nettle - Nourishing. High in vitamins and minerals. Helps to keep up mother's milk supply, aiding in rich healthy breast milk.  

Vervain - A relaxing calming herb which helps when the let-down reflex is blocked due to emotional stress. 

Chaste tree -  Vitex is used in small doses to increase milk supply when breastfeeding.

Withania - Used in Ayurveda to boost milk production and lower stress levels.  

Astragalis - Helps to increase milk production and support the immune system. 

Licorice - In low doses helps to support stress levels. 


Use 10 drops 6 x daily for 4 days then 10 drops daily 3 x daily. 

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