LabourEase Drops 20ml


Calms your nerves and soothes your senses. This product may support a healthy labour.

A unique formula designed to support the immense mental and physical demands of childbirth. Labour Ease drops utilise herbal extracts traditionally used to ease tension and discomfort, support the natural processes of labour, calm the mind and enhance stamina.

This formula utilises the potency of herbal remedies in a format that is both easy to administer and safe and palatable for all ages.

Use drops straight in the mouth or pop into a water bottle to sip throughout the labour process, whatever is easiest.

Drops can be given at any time, and there are no interactions with other medications to worry about. Easy peasy. Use maximum frequency of dosing when needed for more acute relief, and less often as maintenance.

Some key ingredients include:

Motherwort: Traditionally used to aid the strength and efficacy of uterine contractions during labour, Motherwort is also an excellent relaxant herb.

Black Cohosh: A hormonally balancing herb traditionally used for aiding birth and easing labour, Black Cohosh is also used for muscular and nerve pain.

Corydalis, Devil’s Claw, Jamaican Dogwood, White Willow: All traditionally used for easing pain and discomfort.

Chamomile: Calms tension and spasm in the body and mind.

Skullcap: Soothes the nerves to promote calmness, clarity and focus.

Siberian Ginseng: Traditionally used for its ability to increase strength and stamina, especially under pressure.

St John’s Wort: Hypericum is traditionally used specifically for nerve pain, and for its uplifting effect on mood.

Licorice: Traditionally used for its ability to support the positive production and action of stress hormones.

CONTAINS: Black Cohosh, Chamomile,Corydalis, Devil’s Claw, Jamaican dogwood,St John’s Wort, Skullcap, Betony, White Willow, Butcher’s Broom, Cayenne, Damiana, Ginger, Hawthorn, Licorice, Motherwort, Polygonum, Siberian Ginseng.

DIRECTIONS: Take 10 drops as needed from the beginning of Labour.


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